Real-Time Personal Travel Assistant

AR Drone from Parrot Inc.

This project idea was popped out based on several previous researches related to. We are going to employ the usefulness of AR Drone. It was originally intended for augmented reality based games development, but nowadays AR Drone itself is known as a platform for research in robotic and education (EUROBOT 2011, Berlin). There are bunch of developers and researchers building such system and application that allow the AR Drone to be controlled automatically with some algorithm or manually by the user. Parrot incorporation that manufactures AR Drone even ease the developers by providing open-source software development kit (SDK) for iOS, Android, Linux, etc. Thus, they may explore the world of the drone even further.

Flying sport assistant

There are several previous research that we have observed with. Some of them utilize the drone as automatic aerial vehicle and some of them still involve the user as part of control mechanism. One of these research explore the possibility to build flying sport assistant. Meanwhile our research project is quite related with theirs. It will utilize the function of AR Drone camera for user’s external visual imagery assistance.

The drone will move automatically based on user position on earth. It will obtain the user position based on the device GPS that user holds. As the user moves, the drone will also wait for any instruction the user give. The instruction may come from finger interaction towards the device or via voice. Once the drone understand what the user’s need, it will execute some proper movement subsequently. Furthermore, the drone will just act like private navigator. Eventually, we come up with this idea as we were inspired by “Navi” character in “The Legend of Zelda”.

Navi on The Legend of Zelda


There will be a lot of research topic possibility we may exploit within this research project. For instance:

  • Interactive and Reliable Navigation System
  • Artificial Responsive Context Intelligence
  • Reliable Speech
  • Recognition Enhancement
  • Augmented Reality Content Provision

The following video record may give some better understanding how the drone performs. We did it inside the building which means that the wind distraction is not really that much. The drone was controlled using iPad 2. It was controlled via a free application provided by Parrot called FreeFlight.


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